Until we started this adventure we hadn't heard of Bat Mitigation Guidelines.

But now we are almost experts!

After sourcing a plot of land, we became aware that there was a chance a small potting shed was a potential roost.

Enter the bat men and women, who carried out a detailed survey of the site.

They conducted four 'emergence surveys' and thankfully no bats were observed emerging from or re-entering the shed.

A number of soprano pipistrelle bats and a lesser horseshoe bat were spotted in the vicinity but they were not found to be permanent residents.

This unexpected episode was one of our first introductions to the interesting world of property development, but like a big game of rugby, we relished the challenge.

From the beginning we have discovered that you need to rely on the support of, and the advice from, a whole host of experts and professionals.

This kind of patience of the business community has fast tracked the progress of Tomahawk Homes.

They have become our second 'team'. We have bonded with them, learned from them, and now we rely on them.

We didn't expect it, but there are many parallels with our rugby career...the main difference being that we don't all jump in an ice bath together at the end of the day!

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