As professional rugby players we know it only takes a fleeting moment, or stroke of luck, for the whole outcome of a game to change.  


However, little did we think that would be the case when it came to our careers beyond rugby. Now, although we have a few good seasons left in us yet, we know that we can’t go on forever. 


And so our thoughts recently turned to life after rugby.  It’s important that players have a ‘Plan B’, as you never know when the curtain will come down on your game. 

But finding something that ignites the same passion in you as the thrill of ‘egg chasing’ is far from easy. That is unless you experience that fleeting moment or stroke of luck off the pitch. 

Our Story

The catalyst for us was a lecture from Will Smith (Managing Director of 'Complete Estate and Letting Agents') who provided a spark that has set us on the exciting path of becoming property developers. 

Hard at work, it has been reassuring to discover that many of the skills and disciplines we have honed, on and off the pitch, are transferable to this brave new world we are entering.

Coupled with this has been the support from family, friends, fans and the wider rugby community who just happen to be brilliant at what they do. This has allowed us to build a quality team of specifically hand-picked people.  


Chosen for their individual skill sets, our winning team is innovative when it comes to ideas, professional in our approach to doing business, and passionate about property.

Our Partners